About us

The international law firm Stulakova provides legal services at its office in Florence and, through a cooperation with other lawyers, in Prague and in Bratislava. Given its international vocation and expertise, the Stulakova law firm provides clients with comprehensive legal assistance.

For many years, Stulakova law firm has dealt with various issues concerning international private and procedural law, European Union law and, in general, international commercial law, providing legal services to its clients.

The extrajudicial activity of the law firm comprises the drafting, the negotiation and the review of commercial contracts commonly used in business relations such as international sale of goods contracts, general standard terms and conditions of contracts, subcontracts, contracts regarding supply, agency or distribution, real estate contracts.

The law firm provides judicial activity in several areas that are regulated by European Union law and that range from the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital to specific issues affecting transport, shipment and logistics.

Moreover, Stulakova law firm deals extensively with complex issues regarding the interpretation and implementation of multilateral and bilateral international conventions, the determination of the law to be applied in cases of contractual or tort liabilities, the establishment of jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. The firm represents clients both in front of national authorities and before arbitration courts.