Important notice (during the post-pandemic crisis) 

Until further notice, the law firm (Studio legale Stulakova, Atelex s.r.o.) will work in the modality of home office. It means that no material office in the building will be open during the post-pandemic crisis. 

A conference call or a meeting can be scheduled with the clients of the law firm only upon request. 

In case You need to coordinate the delivery of chartaceous notifications, communications or copies of documents addressed to law firm or to Jaroslava Stulakova, please make sure that it’s not possible to notify or to delivery by PEC (, by e-mail ( , or by any other electronic communication (for example: elektronicka schranka on the portal).

Please contact the law firm by telephone ( +39.055.0204092, ) or by e-mail (,, to announce any chartaceous notification, communication or delivery. 

Thank You,

dr. Stulakova, lawyer